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Last week, I went to my dentist with a gum infection. The X-Ray he took of the area worried him - and he referred me to an endodontic specialist (a dentist specializing in root canals). I wasn't particularly thrilled by this turn of events, but it didn't look like something that a sane person would ignore.

My appointment with the endodontic specialist was this morning - and after a careful exam, he said that a root canal was contraindicated. What was indicated was an extraction. He didn't do extractions, just root canals, so he referred me to yet another dental surgeon, who did do extractions. So it was off to the next surgeon, who did his own exam, and after careful consideration, suggested that it would be a good idea to have the affected tooth pulled.

So now I'm sitting here with gauze packed into the gap where my molar used to be, and (thanks to the pain meds the extraction specialist prescribed) feeling not-too-bad. Of course, I'm now short one tooth, but given the condition of the tooth, this is likely the best practical resolution.

I just wish it hadn't happened around tax time (yes, I've still got to finish my taxes).


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