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I've asked one or more of the "five questions" of people I know. The answers usually told me a great deal about the person answering the question (and their understanding of the world - or their intentions toward elements thereof). Especially when I've asked the "what do you want" question of people, I've gotten some very interesting answers over the years.

And I've gotten "intelligence" about the intentions of individuals (or their honesty, more importantly).

It's been quite a trip, sometimes. Right up to finding out just how mean and spiteful some people can be, years after some imagined slight or insult. (I don't mean "one or two years" either - here we're talking about DECADES rather than just a handful of years.) I suppose it's a case of my not really associating that much with the meaner spirited (or greedy) sorts that must be present in the population, but I've never really understood such behaviors and attitudes. When someone really pisses me off, I just walk away; if their behavior is really obnoxious and foul, I figure that they will do themselves more harm than I could ever do to them, and it will all come about without my earning myself any bad karma by screwing with them. But not everyone shares my attitude towards people, sad to say.


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