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I went to two 3-D movies. The latest PIRATES OF THE CAR. movie - the fourth in the series, based on a Tim Powers novel. It was fun, and well worth the time and money, and if you go to it, you really DO want to stay till AFTER the closing credits (an Easter Egg awaits...:-)). The only fault that I could find with this movie that I'll put down here is that I thought the 3-D effect was really more of a "let's do this in 3-D because 3-D is 'in'". It wasn't really part of the story, it was just a stunt.

After the one movie, I was feeling just a little bit silly, and so left, turned around, and went back to purchase another ticket - to KUNG FU PANDA 2. This one was for the belly laughs - and I'll admit that some of the humor was quite low (though I've been known for a long time as someone with a quite low sense of humor). But I did get several belly laughs out of this one, and a few times I laughed so hard that I could barely breath. Much of the classic-style 2-D animation was actually better (artistically) than a lot of the 3-D computer animation. But the animation, at its worst, was still quite good. And it was a GOOD 3-D movie - where the 3-D really was integral, or so I saw it.

Overall, two good movies, and then I headed out to a local (to the theater) all-you-can-eat seafood buffet, Todai's, for dinner. A bit stuffed afterwards, but overall a good time.


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