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Between my last "look see" at ANALOG and tonight, two more of my stories were rejected. Frump! I knew that it was going to be an uphill climb, but ... it still hurts.

Now, I don't intend to give up. But I don't even get a rejection letter/e-mail (I was hoping to add such to my rejection letters for the novel that I wrote with a friend -- maybe get enough slips to paper a wall somewhere in my house).

First, the status on Monday:

ANALOG submissions 06/26/2017

And the status tonight:

Analog submission status 06/28/2017

Maybe they'll like THE OLD MAN AND THE OUTSIDERS. One can hope...
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When I last checked (the 17th) ANOTHER BALL was still listed as open. Today, it's been rejected -- I expect to get many more (but it would have been nice if they'd at least sent me an e-mail rejection, so that I could add it to my collection). I take some comfort, at least, in the fact that it took them eight weeks or so to reject the story (they claim a two to six week period), so I hope that it at least made it past the first cut. (It's a story, anyway...)

I'm about a third of the way through final rewrite of another story, so I should have another submission ready for ANALOG in a week or two (another roughly 20,000 word story). We'll see if they like this one (no, I do NOT intend to give up).

ANALOG 170426
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I managed to get another story off to ANALOG this afternoon. Still no response to my earlier submissions (so I suppose that no news is good news). KARMA worked out to 2500 words -- the "ideal" short story length (ok, the MINIMUM short story length ... :-)).

170417 submission status
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ANALOG submission status 04/15/2017

And now I can embed pictures -- I just need to upload it to Dreamwidth first (everything is easy to do once you figure out how to do it :-)).
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I've been trying to get some of my scribbles published. And I just finished another "short" story for ANALOG (OPENING MOVES). They SAY that their response times are running 2-6 weeks, averaging 4 weeks, but it's been two months since my first submission. They've not rejected anything yet, so perhaps that's a good sign (it's always easier to say NO than YES, after all).

We shall see what develops.

And once I figure out how to insert a graphic (a screen capture of the submission status page), I'll add it...


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