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Sadly, yet the last of my submissions to Analog has been rejected. As of 08/30/2017, it was still "open", but now (09/09) it's list as rejected. I'm not dead yet, so I will be submitting more stories...

Public image, Analog submission statuses 170909

Submission and rejection information

At least this last one took longer for them to reject...
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Between my last "look see" at ANALOG and tonight, two more of my stories were rejected. Frump! I knew that it was going to be an uphill climb, but ... it still hurts.

Now, I don't intend to give up. But I don't even get a rejection letter/e-mail (I was hoping to add such to my rejection letters for the novel that I wrote with a friend -- maybe get enough slips to paper a wall somewhere in my house).

First, the status on Monday:

ANALOG submissions 06/26/2017

And the status tonight:

Analog submission status 06/28/2017

Maybe they'll like THE OLD MAN AND THE OUTSIDERS. One can hope...
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Well, another two of the six stories submitted have been rejected. I'd checked on the 20th of May and they were still under consideration, so the decision was made some time in the last eighteen or so days. I'm a bit saddened, but I've not been defeated. I still have three under consideration, so ... I have hope. (Ok, maybe I'm just stubborn, but I think that that's a requirement for trying to make any sort of living as a writer).

Status of story submissions"

There is, I will admit, one aspect of this that I REALLY don't like. And that is this: that they did not send me so much as an e-mail rejection slip. I'd like to have the rejection slips to add to a collection (or to paste on my "Love Me" wall once I actually DO end up selling a few stories).
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I have been watching (re-watching) Babylon 5, Season 2 & 3 of late. Somehow, it seems particularly appropriate of late. I just watched SEVERED DREAMS a few days back. Timing is everything, as they say...
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When I last checked (the 17th) ANOTHER BALL was still listed as open. Today, it's been rejected -- I expect to get many more (but it would have been nice if they'd at least sent me an e-mail rejection, so that I could add it to my collection). I take some comfort, at least, in the fact that it took them eight weeks or so to reject the story (they claim a two to six week period), so I hope that it at least made it past the first cut. (It's a story, anyway...)

I'm about a third of the way through final rewrite of another story, so I should have another submission ready for ANALOG in a week or two (another roughly 20,000 word story). We'll see if they like this one (no, I do NOT intend to give up).

ANALOG 170426
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The foxp2 gene has been introduced into laboratory mice.  This gene (believed responsible for human language processing ability) seems to have had the effect of producing mice that learn mazes better and faster -- in effect, increasing their intelligence.

Biological uplift, anyone?  It is happening even as I write this -- the question is, is it the right thing to do?
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I managed to get another story off to ANALOG this afternoon. Still no response to my earlier submissions (so I suppose that no news is good news). KARMA worked out to 2500 words -- the "ideal" short story length (ok, the MINIMUM short story length ... :-)).

170417 submission status
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ANALOG submission status 04/15/2017

And now I can embed pictures -- I just need to upload it to Dreamwidth first (everything is easy to do once you figure out how to do it :-)).
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I've been trying to get some of my scribbles published. And I just finished another "short" story for ANALOG (OPENING MOVES). They SAY that their response times are running 2-6 weeks, averaging 4 weeks, but it's been two months since my first submission. They've not rejected anything yet, so perhaps that's a good sign (it's always easier to say NO than YES, after all).

We shall see what develops.

And once I figure out how to insert a graphic (a screen capture of the submission status page), I'll add it...
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Though it may be a few days before I've completely looted my old LiveJournal entries. And within a week (perhaps two?) I should be "back up and playing". Now if I can just connect with all my friends from LiveJournal, I'll be happy.
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Well, I noticed that most of my friends on Live Journal have fled to here, and it seemed as though I was almost the last one left (ok, James Nicole was still on Live Journal, but all my other friends seemed to have fled). With my wife departing, along with seawasp, I decided that it might be a good idea to follow them.

And the man is now STARTING what will hopefully be a long and entertaining ride on Dreamwidth. But if I'm to avoid irritating people, I'll have to figure out how to do the equivalent of the old Live Journal cut...

Niall "Still Crazy after all these years" Shapero...
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The workers are between a third and a half done. The upstairs bathroom is currently unusable, and the downstairs bathroom is only partially usable (the toilet works, thank heavens). They haven't been bad - though one of them managed to trip the circuit breakers by not paying careful attention to the loads they had already put on the electrical system. But it is a terrible pain in the posterior, and trying to get work done at the same time is almost impossible.

Meanwhile, I have been reduced to sponge baths for some five days, and I am getting ROYALLY sick of it. With luck, the shower should be available again Real Soon Now...
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Dear People:

I got a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, stating that my Windows machine had downloaded malicious software and had been switched to an alternate “universal router”. In proof of there Microsoft credentials, they asked me to type “assoc” in a command window and they said they could read out my “unique identifier” on the third line from the bottom:


This line, however, simply gives the a file association item – and the value is common across all Windows systems. The caller claimed that knowing what this number was, indicated that he knew what my system was. When I asked for the IP address or MAC address associated with my system, he did not know what I was talking about (the MAC address is going to be associated with my network card, and is unique). This is a SCAM. Links to the scam notices follow:


Don’t get caught. This scam is still actively being carried out.


Niall Shapero
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I have spent far too much time lately playing Diablo III – 22 ½ hours, in point of fact. 10 ½ hours running a Barbarian (now at level 19 in Act II), 5 hours running a Demon Hunter (now at level 13 in Act I), and 7 hours running a Wizard (now at level 15 in Act I). I’ve also started excavating our front room, trying to reduce the clutter to a somewhat manageable level before my new job starts (next Monday, 25 June).

It has been an interesting nine months on the beach, but my ship appears to have finally come in; my papers are all signed, and the voyage begins anew. We shall see what develops.
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One of my favorite places in Santa Monica (THE TUDOR HOUSE) is closing at the end of this month (June 2012). It's always been a nice place to have a spot of tea, and one of their delicious meat pies (I've always been particularly fond of their steak & kidney pies). But the recession has had another victim - people cut back on restaurant outings, and THE TUDOR HOUSE has just not been able to make its nut. So at the end of this month, they're going to shut their doors for good.

I will miss them.
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John Scalzi, in his WHATEVER blog, recently had an entry entitled "Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is". It was a well thought out, clearly written piece, and it used an analogy that I thought was wonderful (even if not perfect). Unfortunately, many readers seemed to be from clue-free environments, and did NOT get the point. I have included a link here, so that others may go directly to the source and read it.

Scalzi is a professional writer, with several published science fiction novels to his credit, including (but not limited to) the following:

Old Man's War (2005, Tor Books, ISBN 0-7653-0940-8)
The Ghost Brigades (February 2006, Tor Books, ISBN 0-7653-1502-5)
The Last Colony (April 2007, Tor Books, ISBN 0-7653-1697-8)
Zoe's Tale (August 2008, Tor Books, ISBN 0-7653-1698-6)
The Sagan Diary (February 2007, Subterranean Press, ISBN 978-1-59606-103-3; April 2008,
Questions for a Soldier (chapbook, Subterranean Press, December 2005, ISBN 1-59606-048-4)
After the Coup (eBook,, July 2008, ASIN B003V4B4PM)

Check them out.


Apr. 3rd, 2012 02:53 pm
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My laptop died the final death this morning. The display wouldn't come up (even showing boot display) and when I tried it with a second monitor the result was the same. It was an older machine, but it was serviced by Dell just a couple of months ago. Of course, they damaged the bezel in the process, and did not make good on their promise to repair/replace the damaged bezel.

I've had my fill of DELL "repair" as of now - they've lost me as a customer henceforth. I'll write off the ~$800 I spent having the laptop "repaired" (for all the six weeks or so that it gave me of service). I'll go back to HP products. Maybe I can get a LITTLE bit better service from HP.

In the meantime, if I need a laptop, I'll switch back to my ancient Canon 386 system (which runs Windows 95, and which I bought some 17 years ago - and which still runs, thank you).
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Ok, how many out there who are in to face-to-face paper and pencil role playing games (D&D, RuneQuest, GURPS, etc.) live in the Southern California area? (In particular, the greater Los Angeles area - including Orange County).

I've been pretty starved for games for some time (I run games, but haven't found enough local gamers ready to RUN games that I can run a character in). So, who is out there within a reasonable distance of West Los Angeles who is running a campaign of some sort?
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Time wounds all heels.
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Unlike those of us who have "regular" jobs, there are musicians out there who depend a bit more on people buying their product. So if you have a local musician whose work brings you some small measure of joy, HELP SUPPORT THEM. Go to their concerts/performances, and toss a few extra dollars into the tip jar.

And if you enjoyed their performance, TELL THEM. They are human, too, and doubtless will appreciate an honest, "thank you, I enjoyed that".

(And, for what it's worth, if I didn't say so earlier, THANK YOU, ALLISON AND EBEN!)


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